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Axle Armor & Covers - Spider Differential Rock Guards
* CNC Plasma Cut Flange
* Jig Drilled Holes and Bores
* Counterbored Mounting Holes
* Fixtured Welded Assembly
* All Joints 100% Mig Welded
* Unique Back Welded Bore Through Design
* Matting Surface is Blanchard Ground
* Aluminum Oxide Blasted
* Phosphate Cleaned & Primed
* Powered Coated

The Spider Differential Rock Guard is a premium rock guard that protects your ring gear and keeps your differential cover in its place. With either full or half Spider rock guard the flange ring will keep the lip of the differential cover from peeling away and leaking fluid. A superior design - all of our Spiders are built with a CNC Plasma cut steel flange. The Spider legs are solid steel and not hot rolled bar stock, or thin wall tube we use cold rolled steel. Our unique back welded bore through design requires the leg to pass through the flange and is welded from the back side. By doing this we have created an almost unbreakable union to ensure that there are no mishaps. Whether your front axle slips off a rock or you back up into a tree stump the Differential Spider will protect your gears, and the Spiders look great while doing it. The Spiders are manufactured for most four wheel drive axles and require no drilling, no grinding, or cutting, as with most other brands. No modifications are necessary; this is a complete bolt on item. Will fit stock or aftermarket chrome, will not fit our aluminum covers please look at our "Spiders for aluminum covers" section. Because of the many different handling packages offed by the manufactures and aftermarket suspension add ons we ask you to please look at you rear axle to see if there is a pan hard, sway bar or anything added that will interfere with installation. If you are not sure please call. All the required stainless steel hardware is included, and powder coating is not an option, the Black Hammertone is standard. The half and full Spiders are manufactured for most four wheel drive axles, check online catalog for availability. Check out our line of colored powders for your Spiders Rock Guard.

Still not sure what model your vehicle requires? You can e-mail us 24/7 at sales@purplecranium.com or call 517-545-0032, we will help you out.

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