Q: How far does your Rock Crusher Cover protrude past the stock cover location that I presently have on my axle.

.250, one quarter on an inch. When designing it, we wanted to keep the covers outer structure as close to the axle as possible. The cover is a full .250 thick that is why it protrudes this amount, it should not interfere with most steering applications.

Q: Are your Spider Rock Guards and Rock Crushers supplied with mounting hardware?

Yes, All of our Spider Rock Guards and Rock Crushers are supplied with Stainless Steel mounting hardware.

Powder Coating

Q: If I order a rock guard and it is not the correct one for my vechicle can I get a refund?

We apply custom finishes to our customers specifications, we cannot issue a refund on anything powder coated. We give enough information on our site for the average customer to place an order in confidence. If you are still unsure...CALL. We will gladly discuss your purchase. We have had customers call with no idea what they have because the axles were purchased from a salvage yard years earlier, sent us some pictures and we identified the axles.

Q: I would like to paint my Spider Rock Guard the same color as my truck. Can I order the Spider without any powder coating applied to it; bare metal.

No, none of our Spider Rock Guards leave bare. If you are going to custom paint your Spider yourself order the powder primer, it's a great base for your paint.

Q: Can I order a chrome cover and Spider Rock Guard and order them each powdered coated a different color?

Yes, Under each of the items you can choose you color preference or no color at all (for the differential covers).


Q: You state in some of your product information that NMSS Socket Head Cap Screws are included in your packages.What does NMSS mean?

NMSS, Non-Magnetic Stainless Steel. These are a very fine grade of stainless steel fasteners, with almost no carbon steel therefore they are non-magnetic.

Q: It doesn't look like you manufacture a Rock Crusher for my axle, what are my options?

We manufacture more Spider Rock Guards than Rock Crushers, do we manufacture a Spider Rock Guard for your application? If not you are still in luck, we can manufacture a Rock Crusher cover complete with integrated drain plug, dip stick, internal magnets, powder coated inside and out and all NMSS fasteners for $225.99.

Q: I have an aftermarket Aluminum cover for my Sterling axle on my Ford Super Duty, it is not a PCP Aluminum Cover. Will your Spider Rock Guard for Aluminum cover fit my cover?

It may or it may not. Our Spider Rock Guards for Aluminum covers are only guaranteed to fit our PCP Aluminum covers. The casting thickness and drain plug location varies tremendously from manufacture to manufacture. Although many customers have said our covers are exact matches (size and dimensions) for some of the other aftermarket covers, we cannot guarantee it will fit.

Q: Does your Rock Crusher Covers hold more fluid for better lubricate and heat dissipation.

No, to increase fluid capacity we would have to make our covers larger, which would make them more susceptible to getting hung up on rocks.


Q: Do you ship to Canada?

Yes, everywhere in Canada.

Q: Do you send orders to Alaska?

Yes, we ship to Alaska and Hawaii, obviously shipping cost will reflect the location.

Q: Do you have any distributors in Florida?

No, we are the manufacture and distributor; all orders are shipped from our Dearborn shop.


Q: Are differential covers included with the Spider Rock Guards?

No, these are sold separately; they are listed on our Chrome Cover section.

Credit Card or PayPal

Q: I used my Visa to order one of your Spiders. The charge was applied to my card then quickly the money was returned to my account, is something wrong with the order or my information?

Merchant companies (companies who handle the transactions) will apply the charges and then return them to be sure you have sufficient funds or credit card limit, in regards to the total amount of the order. We will charge your CC just before your order leaves our business, which quite often is days after you’ve place it if the item is to be powder coated.