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The firewall. Most builders cringe when you mention it. That new set of aftermarket gauges will look great and let you keep an eye on what?s happening under the hood. The idea sounds great until you realize you have to drill or hole saw some transition points through your firewall. This is where the appearance and functionality of any vehicle can drop ten points. Whether you are building a future show winner or you just want to make the transition as smooth as possible. All the wires, cables and even some hoses have to pass from the engine compartment to the interior of the vehicle. There are not to many products on the market to help in this department. At Purple Cranium Products we produce and provide the products that we have been using on vehicles we have built. The products displayed on this page will help smooth the transition from engine compartment to interior, and they will organize and look great doing it. These products are not just limited to your firewall, there practical for routing wires in and out of a boxed frame rail. Or just routing the wires from the outside to the inside of a C-channel frame. Any place in need of smooth transition points would benefit from these products

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Items 1-23 of 23