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Powder Coating Op.
Purple Cranium Products offers a wide variety of colors for our products. We Powder Coat all of our components in house, this is how we can offer the prices and lead time we do. And regardless of what color your preference, it does not affect the prime reason for our products, protection. A hot pink Spider Rock Guard will still be the strongest, most well engineered rock guard on the planet. We offer solids, candies, metallic and textured colors. Custom powder coated colored items cannot be returned. The colors in this section are for viewing only, colors cannot be ordered in this section. Just add the color of your choice when ordering your Spider, Rock Crusher or Diff cover. A drop down menu will appear when ordering an item (Spider, RC, etc). All powder coating can take between 4-6 business days... personalization takes time. Please Note: We Do Not Sell Powder

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Items 1-60 of 61